Friday, October 7, 2011

My trip down memory lane

I've come a long way, literally, since my first tour.  As I was perusing through some of my old blogs, I figured you guys could join in on my journey.

Being employed at the Bike Shop Hub definitely propelled my interest in adventure cycling.  Little stars were in my eyes, and cogs of fun were turning in my head as I walked down the aisles of gear, stacked to the roof in the tiny garage from which the business started.

I decided to go on my first tour in the summer of 2008, planning to leave for a week long jaunt up the Pacific coast, via Route 1.  As I was preparing for my tour, I decided it might be helpful to log my preparation.  I broke it up into three parts, Destination, Training, and Packing up
In September, we went on our annual work trip to Interbike in Las Vegas.  The day after we got back, I was enjoying my post Bikram yoga bike ride in the crisp Flagstaff morning when...BAM!  I got doored.  The day after that, my co-worker Jeff broke his collar bone when his front pannier snags on a safety cone.

After a metal plate, 3 screws, physical therapy, and an expensive pair of Salsa carbon fiber handlebars, my mostly mended bone was ready to brave the November bike tour up the PCH.  Here is the gist of Going There, Heading Back, and Riding with a Burley Nomad Trailer.
Once the rush of being on tour wore off, and the reality of the rat race sank in, I decided to get some more commuter specific gear since I commuted quite a bit between work and school.  Then, the unexpected...

In March of 2009, I found out that I was with child.  I knew that my biking habits might change, but I was determined to share my hobby with my little one.  The entire time I was pregnant, I was mentally preparing myself for traveling by bike with my baby.  Being that I was a first time mom, there were lots of fears that I had to face, and concerns I had to settle before I could think of putting her in a trailer.  After 41 weeks or so of contemplation, I decided that I would be ready whenever she was

The day finally came when I was able to ride to work with Neva for the first time.  I went super slowly on a bike designated path, and both of us were hooked.  She looked so cute all bundled up, and she would drift off to sleep as soon as the wheels started turning.  I was asked to guest blog on the Bike Shop Girl Blog and wrote about my Evolution from a biking girl to a biking mom.

I proceeded to commute around Flagstaff with Neva, weather permitting.  Spring was usually the time we'd pull out the bicycle, and take her around town.  I also was able to get back into touring, and did a short weekend tour of the White Rim Trail with my buddy Cass and James.  As all good things must come to an end, and we continue to evolve and grow, Neva and I decided to move onward and upward from Flagstaff with a heart full of love, and a head full of memories.  Here is a post that my boss wrote, referencing one of my last days in Flagstaff
The last post I did for the Bike Shop Hub was on their blog Commute By Bike.  I did a review on a pannier made out of all recycled material called the Donkey Boxx.  I miss you guys at the hub, and all of my friends in Flagstaff.  Thanks for helping shape the Megan of today with 8 years of Flagstaff fun.

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