Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gettin' High

This post doesn't quite fall in chronological order, but I wanted to show off some pretty pictures, and let's face it, I needed to brag a little.

View of Mount Princeton leaving Buena Vista, CO

Yesterday, Neva and I left Buena Vista and headed toward Crested Butte, up and over Cottonwood Pass.  For those of you not well versed in the topography of Colorado, Buena Vista is 7,965 feet in elevation and about 18 miles from the summit of Cottonwood Pass, which tops out at 12,126 feet in elevation.  And for those of you without a calculator, that's 4,161 feet in elevation. 

At the top, 5.5 hours and 18 miles of climb later.

The view was spectacular, and the smile on my face on the downhill was even better as the panoramic view of the Colorado Rockies dressed the horizon, dusted in snow.

Neva enjoying the top.

You look to the east, where we just came from, and you see majestic mountains.

That's the road that curved up to the summit, and that's a bunch of snow right in front of me.

You look to the west, our destination, heading toward Crested Butte, you see majestic mountains.

At the bottom of the pass, you see majestic mountains.

I did it.  "I thought I could."  - The Little Engine that Could

Riding the downhill.

Okay, bragging done, series of events will conclude as normal.  Stay tuned!