Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Compress a Sleeping Bag - By Neva

Are you tired of spending time trying to stuff and roll your sleeping bag?  Can't quite get it small enough to fit into your gear?  Are you just plain fed up?

Well now, you don't have to be!  Thanks to the Ortlieb compression bag with valve and straps.  You can compress your bag so small that it can double as a mace.  Here's Neva to show you how it works.

STEP 1. Put the sleeping bag into stuff sack and pull the lid over the top.  Everyone has their own technique with this, Neva is using a fork for added leverage.

STEP 2.  Tighten down the straps as much as possible.

STEP 3.  Release excess air using the nipple.

And for added compression or if you need an extra chair, you can always sit on it.  The straps should tighten all the way for maximum compression on full sized sleeping bags up to 20 degrees.  The bag is also waterproof, for withstanding all of the elements*.

*Disclaimer:  Bears do not fall under "the elements".  Bear attacks, bear hugs, and bears in your sleeping bag are not issues covered by the Ortlieb compression bag.

No more worrying about how you're going to put away your sleeping bag!  You can just sit back, relax, and be a happy camper!

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